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The Dead Sea

If you want to reach the Dead sea=, you should start in Jerusalem. After touring this holy city, the travelling distance to the Dead Sea is short (approximately 25 kilometers).

The Dead Sea is a very famous tourist destination known in the world for its various attractions.the dead sea

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Touring Washington

I love to travel. Travelling is sometimes needed to relax from everyday tension. In fact I pity those who cannot find the time off for themselves to go on sightseeing.

When looking foir places to go, the Internent can be an excellent source for tourist attractions worldwide. It all depends on what you are looking for: Beautiful cities, natural views and trekking or just relaxing and doing nothing – which has its on merits.

A few months ago I was in Washington DC as a tourist. Well, at first glance it looks like a dull city – a city where everyone is full time working mainly for the government. Even people, despite being polite, were in a rush to get from here to there.

washington dc

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