How to Make Internet Surfing Safe for Children

The majority of the internet enabled devices nowadays come with built-in parental controls which allow you to restrict the material your kids can watch or access online. These filters and parental controls are usually found in the system online risks to childrenpreferences or control panel – content sections. The aim of such mechanisms is to minimize the risk to children on the Internet

Even the web browsers are equipped with password protected parental controls, though the names might be different.
Google has a filter option called Google Safe Search that eliminates sexplicit or questionable sites from search results. If your kid browses the web on a tablet or Smartphone, you can limit his/her web surfing by tweaking the password protected parental controls given in the settings menu.
However, smart kids can outsmart the smartest parental filters, so a good talk with your children from time to time can awaken them to the dangers of the internet. As a responsible parent, it is your duty to teach your kids the basics of safe online practices and avoiding trash

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