Biographical Notes on Peter Jackson

Born to English immigrants Bill and Joan Jackson on 31st October, 1961 in New Zealand (scenic coastal town of Pukerua Bay close to Peter JacksonWellington), Peter Jackson is the acclaimed director of the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy that has fetched him countless awards including 11 Academy Awards.

Jackson is a self taught genius who has helmed many commercially and critically successful ventures in spite of not receiving any formal training. Watching the original King Kong probably stirred his fondness for direction and by the age of eight, he had started shooting short cinemas with his eight mm Super 8 movie camera gifted by his parents.

A high school dropout, Jackson worked 6 days a week as a photographic lithographer to save up money for purchasing high end movie cameras. His first full length feature film Bad Taste – a comic take on carnivorous aliens – was a surprise commercial and critical hit and was well received at the Cannes Film Festival 1988. The Lovely Bones, The Frighteners, Meet the Feebles, Bad Taste, Forgotten Silver, Heavenly Creatures, Dead Alive, King Kong (2005) and The Lord of the Rings trilogy are universally regarded as his best movies. Now with his new film, The Hobbit, he is going to break his own personal record and outdo the Lord of the Rings series.

Peter Jackson on IMDb


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