The Dead Sea

If you want to reach the Dead sea=, you should start in Jerusalem. After touring this holy city, the travelling distance to the Dead Sea is short (approximately 25 kilometers).

The Dead Sea is a very famous tourist destination known in the world for its various attractions.the dead sea

The Dead Sea is the lowest place in the world. It is relatively deep (300-400 meters at its deepest point) yet you never sink in its water. The very high concentration of salt will leave you afloat all the time.

The Dead Sea is mainly fed by the holy Jordan River where Jesus was baptized.

The weather is dry all year. In summer, it’s very hot (it is one of the hottest places in Israel) since it is located in the Judea Desert.

The Dead Sea is a health center. The material it contains (the salt and minerals) are known to have therapeutic qualities. People from all over the world visit it as medical tourism destination.

The Dead Sea is located near Archaeological destination for those who love history (Qumran with is holy scrolls and Masada where the Jewish rebels made their last and tragic stand against the Roman Empire).

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