Crime Rates in Georgia

I have just come back from a visit to Georgia and believe it or not, we were mugged on the street. 250 dollars were stolen from us. We went to the local policearrested station and filed a complaint. They said they would do anything in their poer to catch the criminal and I wish them good luck. In any case I was thinking about shedding some light on crime rates in Georgia.

There are around 36,000 violent crime in Georgia every year and close to 360,000 property crimes. All in all there are approximately 390,000 crime cases per year in that states which is a little worrisome.

If we follow this statistics, it turns out that per 1,000 residents there are almost 4 viloent crimes, around 36 property crimes and all in all 40 crimes per year.

If you ask me, the mayor should exercise  stricter police enforcement to make the streets safer. It doesn’t make sense that tourists like will fall victim to criminal act on the streets.

Go to this link to read about crime stories in Georgia

Go to this link to read about crime in Georgia in general

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