The importance of protein

Protein is the buliding block of our body. Lack of protein means malnutrition. The problem with protein is that our body cannot manufactures alone the varietyprotein of amino acid types that constitute protein. Hence our body depends on protein it gets from external sopurces: the food we eat.

The foods which are richest in protein include all kinds of meat, chicken, fish and cheese – in short foods that come from the animal kingdom. In developed countries there is no problem making sure the population eats enough meet or fish.

The problem arises in third world countries. Being poorer countries, most of the protein their population consumes comes from plants (soybean, lentil and cooked broad beans). This protein is lacking some of the most vital amino acid types and the meaning is that the people living in developing countries may have insufficient nutrition.

The best way to handle this problem is by giving aid to poor countries that will assist them in developing viable agriculture and proper food sources for the 21st century. This need for aid is becoming more and more urgent since the population in poorer countries is rising and there will be a greater need for protein as an important nutrient in years to come.

Further reading on protein as vital food source

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