How to Steer Clear of Sex Offenders?

Every normal citizen has an intrinsic fear in his mind about sex crimes. There are a few ways in which to avoid encountering sex offenders and protecting sex violent offendersyourself and your family.

Check the official sex offender registry website of your state. It will give you the photographs and listings of all offenders in your locality.

Never send your child unsupervised on Halloween nights and always warn them against accepting candy from strangers. Train them about recognizing abuse and teach them the tricks of avoiding over familiar people.

Always scrutinize a potential visitor to your home by looking through the peep hole. Don’t open the door instantly even if you think that the visitor is a safe looking stranger as most sex offenders are relatively harmless looking.

Lock your door while driving and be extremely alert in parking lots. Avoid over friendly strangers and always carry a can of pepper spray in your purse.


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